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Tel.: +33 (0) 450 73 41 12
Fax: +33 (0) 450 73 48 87

Mrs. Isabelle NOYER (00 33 6 81 35 94 31) is responsible for the national prescription of our society.

Feel free to contact her for:

  • any request for help in writing your CCTP
  • any request for submission of samples
  • special technical demand for our standard products
  • any request for a custom implementation
  • any request for appointment

It can also send you the references of different types of buildings made with our products in the areas that interest you and advise you so useful product to prescribe.

Our company is an active member of "Connexion Carrelage", which is one of the founders of "Ceramics Systems" 9 rue de la Perouse 75784 PARIS cedex 16.

By connecting to true information resource center, you will find all the recommendations according to current standards for the field of ceramics, adhesives, mortars, evacuations.

Data sheets are available as a free download each type of building: terraces, balconies, hypermarkets, open to the public pools, locker rooms, showers, toilets, local food agro, kitchens, health institutions ...)