Our values

The guiding principles that govern our company have been developed by our employees with respect for Limatec's identity. They reflect the uniqueness of our society and what motivates it.

The conditions of collaboration between colleagues, the well-being of employees and the requirements that bind our business relations are subject to five fundamental values.


In our actions and exchanges, behave with consideration.


Mobilize for the expected result.


Show tolerance, interest, curiosity, and understanding for ideas that differ partially or completely from one's own.


Behave with equity, exemplarity, impartiality, and loyalty.
Present the reality without artifice in an appropriate and useful manner with genuine benevolence.
Take responsibility for one's choices.


Economic: reasoned development preserving the balance and sustainability of all stakeholders in a quality framework.
Social: work for cohesion and well-being, promote internal evolution.
Ecological: save, optimize, recycle, manage, and enhance waste, limit our environmental impacts.