Rhône® drainage channels

The Rhône® drainage channel is a modular drainage channel with different types of coverings such as mesh and bar gratings, hygiene covers or perforated plates. A cover for tiling is available for greater discretion.

Commonly implemented in industry, it is also found in all areas of the community (stadiums, changing rooms, collective showers, etc.). Made to measure according to your needs, it ensures the evacuation of wastewater with great efficiency while resisting the most diverse rolling loads. Composed of modules of 3 ml maximum to join and assemble by bolted flanges on your site, it has a built-in slope of 5 mm/m.
Different profiles depending on the desired width are available and they are all available with or without a waterproofing overlap plate. The wing fill profile is provided.

To respond to emergencies, we offer the Rhône Chrono 170®. Available immediately from stock, it is composed of prefabricated elements to be assembled.