One dedicated contact person for the prescription is available to you:
Mr Stéphane SEBILLOT, Prescription manager and Key accounts - +33(0)6 84 83 29 06 ou

Feel free to contact him about:

  • A request for assistance in editing your technical specifications
  • A request for samples
  • A specific technical request related to our standard products
  • A request for a custom-made product
  • Appointment requests
He can also send you the references for the various types of buildings built with our products in the fields that interest you and provide you with useful advice on the products to be ordered.


As a prescriber or economist, in the preliminary design phase, you need to establish a provisional estimate of the projected cost of work. In the preliminary design phase, to definitively establish the provisional cost of works, split into separate batches, as well as the choice of materials.

On request, LIMATEC offers an exclusive interactive Excel tool combining over 650 references to establish these estimates.